Introductions: New Editors

Novel Nests rears its head from it’s homework-ensconced cave to bring you two new editors: Amanda Cordero and Anna Lam! We’re so excited to have these two join our tiny team and can’t wait to see how they’ll contribute in the future.


Hey, y’all! I’m Amanda, a Texas native with Filipino roots! My style – both in beauty and fashion – can be encapsulated in the phrase girl-next-door. But while I do love a simple and classic look, my friends will tell you that I’m a fiend when it comes to skincare. While other girls were freaking out over the Jonas Brothers and their crushes, I was reading dermatologist books and hunting for tips and secrets on the Internet.

But the biggest thing I’ve learned is to appreciate the influence culture has on beauty.  As an Asian-American, I approach beauty from a dual culture lens. I’ve come to appreciate more global take on beauty and skincare. From French girl je ne sais quoi to Korean diligence and everything in between, every beauty lover around the world has a tip or trick to share! My posts here will hopefully share a little bit of my knowledge with you!


Hi! My name is Anna! I’m an earth-lover, ethical vegetarian, and classics nerd. I’m no fashionista, and my tastes have changed a lot through the years, but I tend to like anything urban chic, i.e. clean lines, mostly monochromatic and well-tailored, or neutral-toned minimalist ensembles. I’m also recovering from a pretty intense grunge phase, which I am currently not seeking medical attention for (I’m still unhealthily obsessed with Kristen Stewart’s devil-may-care fashion sense).

However, my tastes aren’t just informed by my aesthetic sensibilities, but also by my views on sustainability and fair trade. I like to shop second-hand when possible and am always trying to make more responsible purchasing decisions. This is partly related to why I’m vegetarian, but I also see my desire to both purchase and consume responsibly as originating from the way I was raised. As an Asian-American, my parents always stressed the importance of saving and managing time and resources responsibly. Therefore, I like to think about the ways fashion, food choices, and lifestyle can all fight wastefulness and change our behavior as consumers.


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